Program Specific Training

Learning and Development

Comprised of a diverse group of individuals with extensive experience in various verticals of service orientation, our team aims to support client-specific goals by providing initial training for both Language and Process, ensuring our associates’ competence and operational readiness.

Program Specific Training (PST)

The PST Curriculum provides our associates with the best learning methods and environment to apply concepts and skills learned in training. Aside from covering product information, topics on soft skills, customer satisfaction and quality which further compliments our associates’ communication abilities, gives them the overall skill set to efficiently deal with our customers. In line with this, Contact Innovationsoffers a range of training solutions to our clients and associates. For instance, our instructional training designers can enhance training modules, with client approval, to tailor fit the training to a variety of knowledge levels.

The end in mind for all of our training programs is to improve the total customer experience through enhanced knowledge and a superior grasp of the English language.

Training Alignment through Collaborative Partnerships

PST understands the importance of learning partnerships. Through this approach, it encourages a shared consultative relationship with our clients/customers through regular touch base sessions covering enhancements or updates on the product, sharing of best practices in training strategies as well as contributions to improvements for training effectiveness.

Better Learning Environments through Customized Training Strategies

A "tailor fit training approach" provides diverse learning environments that are unique to each training session. This methodology allows our training team to transfer all the required skills and knowledge of our client’s products and services through various training strategies. It aims to provide a learning experience that promotes increased information retention and skill building in the least amount of time.